Watsons Pink Soft Plastic Anti-slip Bathroom Soap Holder Hand Shaped Suction Cup

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Bathroom for me is a place of relaxation and clearing my minds after a stressful work day.  And I want to enter a bathroom that is clean and not messy,  this time I am particularly referring to a soap.

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Soap sometimes become a big problem especially if you have children at home.  The scenario is, after they use the bathroom they put soap everywhere, like for example on the floor or in the big water dipper.

The problem can be solved as long as everyone is able to follow the BATHROOM RULES.

As for me and my kids, need to set up rules that they can enjoy at the same time.  If your child has a problem concerning playing with soap, use liquid soap instead.  That way they cannot leave soap particles on the floor that might bring your family to danger.  Or if not, because some children are allergic to liquid soap use soap dish to put soap safely.

In our bathroom, soap dish make a statement about my decorating tastes.  But soap dish sometimes makes soap melt fast easily, that is why I bought WATSONS PINK SOFT PLASTIC ANTI-SLIP BATHROOM SOAP HOLDER HAND SHAPED SUCTION CUP.

What I like about the product is that it make the soap dry first before putting it on the soap dish.

Using the soap dish, soap melt faster and it looks messy
If you use the Soap Holder with a suction cup,  after you take a bath or washing your face/hands just put the soap and it will suck the liquid, it makes the soap drier.

Love the idea of this product because you can use the soap longer, this means you will have great savings on your BUDGET. 

But I suggest if they can make the SOAP HOLDER more stronger to suck big soap.

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VINEGAR has been around for a thousand years and it has 1001 uses!

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KILL WEEDS AND UNWANTED GRASSES.  Just pour vinegar especially on a cracks walkways and driveways or pouring white vinegar on the weeds and grasses itself.

GIVE ACID-LOVING PLANTS.  A cup of white distilled vinegar to a gallon of tap water is a good mixture for watering plants like azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and gardenias.

STOP ANTS TO COME TOGETHER IN A GROUP. Pour vinegar on the area where ants are congregating.

DISCOURAGE CATS.  When kids are playing in the sand box it will discourage cats to play with them if you pour white vinegar on the sand.

PRESERVE CUT FLOWERS AND LIVEN THE DROOPY ONES.  Just add 2 tbsps white vinegar and 1 tbsp sugar to a quart of water in a vase.

AVOID SKIN PROBLEMS AFTER WORKING IN THE GARDEN. Just rinse your hands with white vinegar.

SANITIZE OUTDOOR FURNITURE AND PICNIC TABLES.  With a cloak soak in white vinegar, just wipe it.

CLEAN PLASTIC PATIO FURNITURE.  A solution of 1 tbsp white vinegar to 1 gallon of water.

These are just some of the uses of white vinegar to our garden more HERE.



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This is always my problem after chopping and slicing food on a wooden chopping board.  Dishwasher cannot clean it properly, no use at all.  You have to clean it by hands but it will take your time because you want to make sure that it is GOOD and CLEAN and NO MORE BACTERIA (you know what I mean). We mothers are like that we make sure on the HEALTH of our family.


  1. RINSE IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE:  It comes to a study that if you wash and rinse the chopping board it will eliminates bacteria.  Compared to submerging your wooden chopping board into a dishwasher it will just prolong the dirt and transfer the pathogens to the WASH WATER.  Because woods can easily absorbs water it will just split and warp.
  2. DISINFECT USING 3% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE WIPE.  Here you have to wipe it by using the HYDROGEN PEROXIDE WIPE.Let it stand for a few minutes until you hear a hissing or bubbling sound, that means it is killing the germs.
  3. REMOVE STAINS with SALT or BAKING SODA.  First dry the board and sprinkle it with salt or baking soda. Scrub the stain using a sponge or a brush. Dipped into hot water, repeat as needed.
  4. DEODORIZE WITH WHITE VINEGAR. Always keep a spray-bottled white vinegar, use this regularly to eliminate odor coming from the chopping board.  White vinegar can neutralize odors.
  5. SANITIZE USING DILUTED BLEACH. Use this occasionally, extra-deep cleaning is highly recommended to clean wooden chopping board.  Just add 1 tsp bleach to a 1 quart(0.946352946 liters) of a water and flood the board with the solution.  Stand for a few minutes before rinsing it with hot water.

Well that's it before you chop vegetables, raw meat, fish and etc..in your wooden chopping board use these cleaning tips to make sure that the FOOD you serve to your family are HEALTHY and FREE from BACTERIA.



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The rooms should looks practical especially to the kids/teenagers for their study and to keep them focused and organized.  In my previous post about EFFECTIVE ROOM ARRANGEMENT, I discuss here more about the LIVING ROOM, DINING ROOM and KITCHEN. And just recently I posted about the IDEAL ARRANGEMENT of a MASTER BEDROOM.   

Today, most of the people are living in a condominium or apartments.  Problems arise on how to make their place more spacious in spite of the limited space that they have.


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Here in this photo, the room design to have a pull out bed that can be used by two or more kids.  In if the bed is not in use they can push it in to give a feeling of space by exposing more floor area.  The desk and the cabinets are mounted against the wall to allow more space between areas that are needed for studying,the likes of computers, books and other kids stuff.


Loft idea is a great design for smaller room.

Either for a kid or teenager room. This design is so cool, it's a multi-purpose room!

more to go...to be continued...


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Last post I have about EFFECTIVE ROOM ARRANGEMENT tackles mainly the LIVING ROOM, DINING ROOM and the BATHROOM.

Now to start 2013 let's have a room makeover concentrating the MASTER BEDROOM.

The most used room designs for relaxation, that is why it should have a PEACEFUL and CALMING ATMOSPHERE.

The IDEAL MASTER BEDROOM should be comfortable and not to big for you to stay.

NOTE:  The bed should be stable, without built-in drawers and other optional features. If the built-in drawers do exist, only linen should be stored there, but certainly not clothes, shoes, family photo archives.

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Chinese people follow some rituals in positioning their bed rooms, called FUNG SHUI RULES:
  1. BED SHOULD NOT BE LOCATED DIRECTLY OPPOSITE THE ENTRANCE DOOR.  Or you can make the bed place slightly diagonally in order to see who enters the room.
  2. AVOID SLEEPING WITH YOUR LEGS or HEAD directly at the window.
  4. CLOSET SHOULD BE PROPORTIONAL TO THE SIZE OF THE BEDROOM.  If you are in need of a large closet use a closet with a frosted glass inserts.
  5. MIRROR creates the condition of unrest and discomfort while sleeping.  That is why bed should not be facing in the area were mirrors are located.
And another thing to remember, it is not good to put TV's, computer, and telephones in your MASTER BEDROOM.  It should be put in the other room.

photo credit: Tara Angkor Hotel via photopin cc

more to come...to be continued....