Effective Room Arrangement

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When you enter a house the first room that welcomes you is the LIVING ROOM.  This is where the family spends quality time together, relaxing, celebrating, entertaining, and sometimes serves another purpose like dining or conference or sleeping area for guests.

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The correct seating arrangement should be like this:
  1. CHAIRS,SOFAS,COUCHES should face the main door.  The idea is very simple, anyone who is sitting in a living room should be able to view the door to give a full relaxation and comfortable feeling.
  2. Pay special attention to corners and empty places, and darker areas of your living room.  Bring in the lights and put brightness on it or put mirror to it not facing the door.  It will usher good lucks, harmony and peace of mind.
  3. You can also put a CHEER UP WALL, wherein you can hang a happy family photo or picture of a large attractive tree on the east wall favors the family togetherness.  And for career enhancement you can put a photo of a waterfall or lake on the north side of your wall.
Second room is the DINING ROOM.  I love my dining room to be as simple as possible. The ambiance should goes a long way in creating cozy and warm atmosphere.

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Dining Decor to consider:

 COLOR OF THE WALLS.  The latest trend that I am sure every house mothers will consider is by coating the dining room in a softer tone as compared to the earlier years.  This will help soften the ambiance and provides the ideal backdrop for serving a warm home cooked meal.
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STORAGE. The Dining Room storage has to be used effectively.  Storing cutlery and crockery in  a sideboard or keeping them in a basket is practical.  Bars can be set to serve quick meals.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT DINING TABLE for your house.  The shape and the size of your table should match the decor of your dining room.  The bigger dining table is suited for big families or families fond of getting together.  And foldable tables are recommended for small families or people who walks around a lot.

Third room is the BATHROOM. For me this is the third room I usually visited every time I go visit my friends house or family/
relatives house.

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Bathroom is a place  that homeowners love to remodel aside from the kitchen.  A place for relaxation, luxury and satisfaction after a day from work.

Bathroom Tip:

White to cream color palette tend to make the bathroom appear bigger. A dimmer switch adds mood to the bathroom. It should be perfect for late night relaxing baths. However, it is recommended to fix additional lighting behind the bathroom mirror so that faces and hair are more clearly visible in an otherwise dull lit room. 

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BAKING SODA  has many uses as a non-toxic cleaner around the house.

Here I will share with you uses of Baking Soda
in the garden.

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  • MAKE A SPRAY TO TREAT AND PREVENT POWDERY MILDEW.  We usually see this kind of plant problem in our backyards.
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All you need:
  1. 1 gallon of water
  2. 1 tbsp of baking soda
  3. 1 tbsp of vegetable oil
  4. 1 tbsp of dish washing liquid

Spray your plants weekly to prevent fungus on leaves.  Do this preferably on overcast days to avoid from burning the foliage.

  • SPRINKLE BAKING SODA ON CABBAGES AND OTHER BRASSICAS TO PREVENT THE OCCURRENCE OF CATERPILLARS. If those small green itchy cabbage worms have been making Swiss cheese of your cabbages, broccoli and any other plants try to combine baking powder and baking soda and dust it all over the plants wherein the green itchy worms are eating.
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Repeat this as necessary until all caterpillars are gone.

  • SWEEP BAKING SODA INTO SIDEWALK CRACKS TO DISCOURAGE WEEDS. Just sweep the baking soda into the cracks to kill any small weeds growing and to prevent new ones to sprout.
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  • KILL CRABGRASS. This is an annoying glass that we usually see on our lawn, garden beds, or sidewalk cracks.  Just simply wet it down then pour a thick dusting baking soda on it, just be careful on applying, you might harm your lawn grass if you put to much baking soda on it.

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But for sure crabgrass will be gone for two to three days they will start dying.
NOTE:  I am not advertising BAKING SODA above. I am just showing an example photo of a BAKING SODA.  You can buy/use any baking soda as you want as long as it is pure baking soda. XOXO.   

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