Watsons Pink Soft Plastic Anti-slip Bathroom Soap Holder Hand Shaped Suction Cup

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Bathroom for me is a place of relaxation and clearing my minds after a stressful work day.  And I want to enter a bathroom that is clean and not messy,  this time I am particularly referring to a soap.

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Soap sometimes become a big problem especially if you have children at home.  The scenario is, after they use the bathroom they put soap everywhere, like for example on the floor or in the big water dipper.

The problem can be solved as long as everyone is able to follow the BATHROOM RULES.

As for me and my kids, need to set up rules that they can enjoy at the same time.  If your child has a problem concerning playing with soap, use liquid soap instead.  That way they cannot leave soap particles on the floor that might bring your family to danger.  Or if not, because some children are allergic to liquid soap use soap dish to put soap safely.

In our bathroom, soap dish make a statement about my decorating tastes.  But soap dish sometimes makes soap melt fast easily, that is why I bought WATSONS PINK SOFT PLASTIC ANTI-SLIP BATHROOM SOAP HOLDER HAND SHAPED SUCTION CUP.

What I like about the product is that it make the soap dry first before putting it on the soap dish.

Using the soap dish, soap melt faster and it looks messy
If you use the Soap Holder with a suction cup,  after you take a bath or washing your face/hands just put the soap and it will suck the liquid, it makes the soap drier.

Love the idea of this product because you can use the soap longer, this means you will have great savings on your BUDGET. 

But I suggest if they can make the SOAP HOLDER more stronger to suck big soap.

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