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We're in the mood of HAM already!  Everyone is very busy buying things for Christmas.  The question here is your home ready for Christmas?

If not well I am going to share with you what I had discovered from Darens' TOP DECORATION TIPS for this season.

CHRISTMAS TREE.  Put this near your window, and see to it when you put all the lights it should be ON.  On the lights in order to see the arrangement of your tree.

FIRST TIP.  Pick a color schemes and stick to it. Here I choose the Classic RED and GOLD.  If you add so many colors it will end up very messy.

SECOND TIP.  If you want to be on TREND this Christmas, think decadent dining, and use rustic wreaths for doors and side corner of your house. Put some woodland toys or animal ornaments like reindeer or snowman  to make your home Fashion and Festive at the same time.

               photo credit: penguincakes via photopin cc

photo credit: iwona_kellie via photopin cc

Always stick to your COLOR SCHEMES!!!  
Or develop your own style.