Tricks on how to give new life to old furniture

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Well I love household cleaning in spite of my hectic schedule.  But I would like to share this with you some tricks I've learned from my mother.  Do it yourself clean family tricks. 


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  • Use vacuum cleaner -  Use the brush attachment to lift dust, dirt, and lint from woven reeds.
  • Wipe clean - use a moist cloth with paint thinner.  (1) Try little amount of thinner on a moist cloth clean the part with an inconspicuous spot to make sure it will not damage the finish.  (2) But for stubborn stains, use paintbrush or old unused toothbrush moistened with thinner and  rub lightly.
  • Bring up the sheen - apply some furniture wax with a clean soft cloth.


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Here is one thing I've learned from my father to save money the next time my wicker chair seats stretch and droop:

  1. Make sure the chair is made from rattan or bark, not paper rushing.
  2. Turn the chair upside down and wet the underside of the seat by wiping it with clean sponge soaked in warm water.  Once it wet make sure that the top of the seat is dry.  If your done with this gently push down on the damp underside and turn it upright.
  3. You will see the difference, once it dried out the seat is much and more tighter.


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  • Easy and cheap way to hide scratches is to put wax crayon that match the color of your furniture wood.  Then rub tightly to blend it.


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You don't need fancy chemicals to clean and protect wooden furniture's.  In fact those product can do more harm than good. All you need is to love nature, do not use those sprayer that said to help restore the beauty of it.

  • TO PROTECT WOOD: Avoid moisture by using coasters of drinks and wiping up spills immediately.  And avoid it by cleaning with water.
  • DUST REGULARLY: Use a soft dry cloth.
  • WAX ONCE A YEAR: Use a product such as JOHNSON'S PASTE WAX-only if the finish of the wood is intact.
*Paste wax will help protect the wood without penetrating from wet and will stop the dust from binding with the surface. Just pick a wax that matches the color of the wood.  But if the wood is cracked or the finish has rubbed away, just keep the paste altogether.





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