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You are familiar of salt, tea, vinegar, lemon and many other all-natural substances use as housecleaning products.

Here I will share with you another secrets use in housecleaning.

COFFEE. Add coffee to your rinse cycles to keep dark clothes dark.  

You can add clothes perfume
conditioner here just to make it smells good.

BANANA SKIN.  Use to polish mildly tarnished silver items.  First you need to blend a few banana peels in some water to make a paste.  Then rub the banana on a silver with a soft cloth.  And finally wash off polish and dry with a clean cloth.  (You can also use it without blending it with water.  Just simply rub the banana peel to the silver).

CHARCOAL and RICE.  Minimize silver tarnish with rice and charcoal.  All you need is to put a few charcoal briquettes or a small bowl of rice in a cabinet where you keep your silver spoon, fork, etc.  You can put a briquette inside a silver teapot or coffee pot, this will prevent moisture from building up.

BUFF UP SCUFF MARKS WITH TOOTHPASTE.  Scuff marks are black-streaks that usually left by items that have a hard rubber bottom such as heels, hard-soled shoes, ladder, furniture, toys, and so on.  By using toothpaste put a small amount on a clean cloth, using firm, circular motions, wipe the area.  Clean it after using damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

A SPRINKLE OF BICARBONATE SODA WILL FRESHEN A CARPET.  Sprinkle soda before you vacuum.  This will remove odors and help lift stains.


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